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The wonderful gift we received from Cape Monograms reaches it’s final destination at the 2011 Strawberry Festival: Goshen Farm Preservation Society.  Here is our board and theirs, being photographed by the Cape’s very own reporter from the Capital, Wendi Winters, with our check and the tomatoes for their Community Garden test plot.  We are so happy to be a part of this historic land preservation, and wish the Goshen Farm Preservation Society growth and prosperity.  May we work hand in hand to preserve green space, beautify the Cape, and build community!


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What a lovely morning, spent in the company of fellow gardeners, touring the hidden gems of the Cape.  Many thanks to our generous and gracious hosts for sharing their time and spaces with us.  We so enjoyed your generosity!  Dear reader, if you’d like to join us next year for these tours, we’d love to have you join us next year.  Please contact flokell@verizon.net if you have any interest.

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