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Upcoming Meetings

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The Cape St. Claire Garden Club gathers in late November to create fresh evergreen wreaths from our gardens for display at State Circle in downtown Annapolis and right here in our beloved Cape St. Claire.  You can see our handiwork on the Guard Shack and CSCIA office doors.  Happy Holidays, everyone!

We always accept empty plant pots, red solo cups, and *plastic* venetian mini-blinds to cut up for plant tags for use in our plant sale.  Please drop either anytime in the driveway at 1121 River Bay Road.  Thanks for helping us to reduce and reuse!

THANK YOU, CAPERS, for coming out in droves to support our annual Plant Sale fundraiser — We are so grateful for your support!!!   You cleaned us out of milkweed within two hours!  We have already ordered more for 2018.
 THANK YOU for your generous and continuing support!  

Tuesday, February 6th, 7pm:  A speaker on Bay-Wise Gardening.  Learn simple steps that each of us can take to minimize our negative impact on our precious Chesapeake Bay while we enjoy working in our gardens!

Tuesday, March 6th, 6pm: 43rd Anniversary Dinner.  Join us for a delicious potluck dinner, celebrating the founding of our beloved club in 1975.

Tuesday, April 3rd, 7pm: Plant Sale Planning + Dividing Perennials Workshop.  Join us to learn all about dividing perennials and potting plants.

All meetings are held in the Cape St. Claire Clubhouse meeting room (1223 River Bay Road, 21409) unless otherwise noted.  Questions?  Phone or email Catherine at 410-212-1944 or salca01@comcast.net.  New faces always welcome!

More information about our year’s events can be found here.


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