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In June we visited the gardens of 4 Cape gardeners, 3 of them Yard of the Month winners.  We carpooled and rode bikes, and felt so inspired by the beautiful gardens we saw.  It was hot, but we were all invited to swim at the last garden, and there were ample refreshments that the members brought along.  What good fun!

[Due to rain, we are rescheduling the Nosy Gardeners Tour for Sunday, June 13th.  Meet at the clubhouse parking lot on Sunday, June 13th, at 9:30am, to carpool.  Or bring your bikes — at least 2 of our members will be biking to the four houses on the tour.  Don’t forget your bathing suits, since we’re invited to swim at the last garden stop.  Members are also bringing a small finger food to share with the group.  Join us for some inspiration, fun, snacking, and swimming!]


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